“Blockchain Jumpstarter”
Outperforming tokens at pre-sale price.

First token which allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects to be brought to life through their own ICOs. And the first token to give token holders access to all future presales of such ICOs with an average discount of 75%.

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Good deeds with a dash of self-interest.
By ICOBox, ICO SaaS Solution

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“ ICOBox founder Nick Evdokimov told Reuters their ICOs have a utility ”
“ Representatives of ... and ICOBox, which plan to launch tokens over the next few weeks, told Reuters they are pushing through with their offerings ”
As ICOs explode in popularity, access to ICO technology, expert legal and marketing help is increasingly challenging to find, says Nick Evdokimov, ICOBox co-founder.
ICOBox is gearing up to offer the public its ICOS tokens, which are ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum tokens
“ ICOS is the first token which allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects to be brought to life through their own ICOs, says Nick Evdokimov ”
“ ICOBox fixed-price services may come in handy not just to blockchain-based companies seeking to conduct their ICOs. They will be very useful to a wide range of vendors looking to get access to a new way of selling their products and services. ”
According to ICOBox, the ICO startup platform, more than $1.3 bln has been raised via ICOs.

Get best ICO tokens for next to nothing.
At Minimum risk.


Quality tokens, thanks to our
2-step screening system.

Review of projects submitted for ICO by experts and potential token holders.


75% discount on tokens,
on average.

Unprecedented offer,
speaking for itself.

Minimum risk

Same token exchange rate at any stage of ICO and even after it’s over.

No need to buy tokens at presale to get best deal.

How it works

ICO technology made it much easier for projects to get funded - much quicker, much cheaper, and with no loss of control over the project. But it still takes money to make money, and a successful ICO itself requires significant funds to embark on.
ICOS offers promising but underfunded projects practical guidelines and tools which they can use to conduct their own ICOs at minimum cost in exchange for a set number of their future tokens placed on ICOBox platform.

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August 15 - September 15


Clients buy ICOBox project’s ICOS tokens.


Selection of projects

ICOBox does the initial screening, and token holders vote
for the best prospects.

While the raised funds last

Projects’ ICOs.

Selected projects conduct their own ICOs with ICOBox tools.

Day of the project’s presale start

Projects’ tokens.

A set number of each project’s tokens gets placed on ICOS platform.

While available

Selection of tokens.

ICOS token holders select new tokens and acquire them in exchange for ICOS tokens.

ICOS Platform