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March 2017

Сustomer development meeting

50+ customer development meetings with coaches, players, agents

July 2017

First player is signed

First player is signed
Formed tennis Advisory Board

August 2017

$1.5 mln raised at pre-sale

$1.5 mln raised at pre-sale

September 2017

First brand contract is signed

$82K projected revenue stream from endorsement deals

September 2017

Token sale starts

Token sale starts

October 2017

Token sale ends

November 2017

ACE token is listed on crypto exchange

December 2017

Platform beta is live

June 2018

The first players' cohort is 100% formed

January 2019


Pavel Stukolov


Evgeniy Potapov


Dmitry Rodichev

Security developer

Aler Denisov

Smart-contract Developer

Timur Gavrilov

Head of Product

Irina Shashkina

Marketing Director

Vladimir Shmidt


Madina Hooke

Head of sponsorships

Mikhailius Derkach

Design advisor

Nick Grigoriev

Head of Support

Irina Soshinskaya

Localization manager