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May 2017

Created SocialMedia.Market concept

Designing basic interfaces. Creating software and cloud architecture. Creating Tasks service. Creating Analytics service.
Global PR activities targeted on influencers and businesses.

December 2017

Token Sale Phase 1

PHASE 1 HARD CAP: 10.000.000 SMT

January 2018

SocialMedia.Market beta launch

Release Influencer Search Engine Interface for YouTube and Instagram Campaigns. Release Campaign builder Interface for YouTube and Instagram Campaigns. Smart Contracts development and audit.

February 2018

Token Sale Phase 2

PHASE 2 HARD CAP: 30.000.000 SMT

March 2018

Listing on crypto currency exchanges

Token will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in order to expand the audience of potential product users.

August 2018

Platform launch for US, UK, CIS markets

Decentralized Dispute Solution System release. Release of verification of a user's data via blockchain address. Automate processing of certain tasks in analytics for Advertisers (crawlers, etc.). Release interfaces for campaigns management (CRM). Release Influencer Search Engine Interface for Twitter, SnapChat Campaigns.
Brand awareness activities on US, EU markets targeted on influencers and marketing experts of all kind. Massive marketing and educational campaigns. Engaging brands and agencies with marketing budgets over $250M.

October 2018

Androind and iOS application launch

SocialMedia.Market Application for brands launched in Google Play and Apple Store. Brands will be able to monitor status of tasks and negotiate with influencers.

February 2019

Worldwide launch

Global Brand awareness activities active phase. Engaging brands and agencies with marketing budgets over 650M$.

February 2019


Dmitry Shyshov

CEO, Founder

Aleksandra Morozova

Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Maksym Churkin

Tech Lead

Viktor Perekhod

Business Development Manager


Alex Yastremskiy

Legal Counsel

Chafik Abdellaoui

Business development professional

Peter Zhalov

Marketing & Advertising specialist

Slavik Nenaydokh

Growth hacking and M&A specialist