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August 2015

Mulaah Idea and Technology Development

The team developed and validated the Mulaah sponsored content and digital market strategies.

October 2016

Partnership Formed with Advertisers

We started to engage sponsored content firms to build the largest ads platform and idea flowing community.

December 2017

Developed Custom Versions

We understood that though the user wanted to get paid they needed a system that solved their everyday mobile needs first. We developed Mulaah Protect and Mulaah Rise.

January 2018

Token Goes Live for Pre-Sale

Mulaah Token is launched to help grow the company and allow the market to the global mobile digital market.

July 2018

Mulaah Exchange Opens

Mulaah Exchange will consist of services, goods, and products that can be purchased with Mulaah inside the Mulaah ecosystem.

December 2018


Vernell Woods


Tip "T.I." Harris

Creative Director / Investor

Dennis Campbell

Platform Director

Scott Dunbar

Platform Director

Eric Usher

Marketing Director

Louis White

Business Development


Steve Chaddick


John Lanza