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January 2018


Initial version of smart contracts is ready. The first “Offer” and “Request” are on the Blockchain platform. Demonstration of the platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Integration with major eSIM platforms to download mobile profiles onto SIM-cards

April 2018

First launch

Web-API for integration of mobile operators and service-providers. Integration of Digital Identity into Bubbletone app. Commercial launch, “Offers” from 10+ mobile operators are on Blockchain, low rates in 80+ countries.

July 2018

Start building Global Mobile Profile

Global Mobile Profile approval by International Telecommunication Union. Update virtual nodes to participate in processing smart contracts. New features in the Bubbletone app: Voting platform based on Blockchain, 4K video-conferences, transfer of fiat money and crypto currencies

October 2018


Expanding list of mobile operators and service providers connected to the Bubbletone Blockchain Ecosystem. The first 1 million transactions are processed

October 2018


Yuri Morozov


Oleg Pravdin


Sergei Ivanov

CEO of "Allo Incognito"

Sergey Prilutskiy

Security expert, Blockchain architecture development

Alexey Makeev

Smart contracts software engineer

Sergey Baloyan

Head of Marketing

Kirill Maskaev

Communications Director

Fedor Rozhnov

Strategic Developer for Telco


David Drake

Managing Partner at LDJ LP Fund Investments, Crowdfunding pioneer, Crypto investor

Professor Jin Song Dong

Director of the Institute for Integrated Intelligent System, Griffith University, Australia

Mark Grats

Angel investor, ex-Apple, Yahoo, HP

Mike Raitsyn

ICOBox Co-Founder

Daria Generalova

ICOBox Co-Founder

Dima Zaitsev

PhD, author, International PR