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March 2017

Product development

ZAZA one of few blockchain projects which backed up with ready product. Beta version:

December 2017

Preparation for ICO

White paper, technical paper, scheduling and begin of roadshow, establishing board of advisers.

March 2018


In Pre_ICO limited amount of tokens will be sold with 60% discount and 50% bonus . Collected fund to be retargeted for PR and marketing, legal expenses and for development of initial team.

April 2018


June 2018

Carrying out of ICO and preparation for Launch

- Developing a team
- Finalizing back and front ends of the website
- Implementing Blockchain technology to the platform
- Mobile application development for iOS and Android
- Social advertising campaigns begin
- Preparation for launch

October 2018

Launch of ZAZA! in the UAE

February 2019

Launch of ZAZA in US

May 2019

Launch of ZAZA in UK

August 2019

Launch of ZAZA in Germany

October 2019

Launch of ZAZA in France

January 2020

Launch of ZAZA in Canada

April 2020

Launch of ZAZA in Australia

August 2020

Launch of ZAZA in Italy and Spain

October 2020

Launch of ZAZA in Russia

December 2020


Zhazira Lepess

CEO and Co-Founder of ZAZA

Arsen Lepess

COO and Co-Founder of ZAZA

Yevgeniy Kot



Ala Alsallal

CEO and Founder of

Saad Mohib

CEO and Co-Founder of HalalChain

Dr. Sulaiman Liu

COO and Co-Founder of HalalChain

Stefan Hickmott

CEO and Founder of Evareium

Jonathan Lane

CEO and Founder of Blockvisory