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A revolutionary platform, which: Combines more than 50 years world top scientific and business experience in agriculture Unites all the players of agroindustry Ensures highest possible execution success for agro project of any complexity

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Executive summary

In a world of constantly growing population that is expected to grow to almost 10 billion by 2050 boosting food demand by 50% compared to 2013, having 35% food wasted from farm to plate, degraded food standards and inability of the customers to learn about the food they eating. We in SmartAgro will connect all currently isolated components into a unified ecosystem to increase amount of new agricultural projects and to simplify business evaluation and financing processes. SmartAgro platform will allow full transparency from farm to plate, standardize agriculture industry, increase efficiency of projects, will reduce produce costs and product losses.

Our mission and values

We are connecting participants from all over the world to create best collaborative projects in both technology and experience

We are providing standardization toolset for creation of agricultural project of any complexity and size

We are achieving highest level of security, resiliency and scalability by usage of best-of-breed technologies such as Blockchain, Neural Network, AI, OpenStack, Docker and Kubernetes.

We are heading towards continuous consistent quality and process improvement adding new functionality as our platform grows

We commit ourselves to invest 10% of our income into R&D

What is SmartAgro?

SmartAgro is an ecosystem serving following goals:

  • Establishment of centralized knowledge base for agricultural projects across the world
  • AI analysis enabling creation of successful project within shortest possible time
  • Sandbox for creation of superior project using standard components and optimization of the existing projects
  • Quality control for the products and processes
  • Standardized intellectual RfP platform for Enterprises and government structures
  • Comprehensive end-to-end project design from farm to plate
  • Preparation of project for alternative financing via especially generated utility tokens per each project
  • Provision of reliable data in real time to the market


Who are our potential clients?

People who care about the food they eating

Entrepreneurs who want to create their agricultural projects and assure sustainable business

Customers who want transparent, predictable, low risk business

Government structures who want transparent RfP processes and predictive prices

Multinational retail corporations who are interested in the quality of the products and want to be able to know about the products they are using

Consumers who want quality to be assured along with the right price.

Regulators who wants to assure fair competition on the market

Auditors and business evaluators who want to get realistic image of the project financials

Analytical Agencies who want practical comprehensive data for analysis and forecasts



What problems SmartAgro solving?

Proper planning and profitability predictions

Investment risks mitigation

Transparency in the RfP process

Quality control for product and process

Market price analysis and regulation

Unfair competition

Unsecure business transactions

Digitalization of analog agricultural data

Organization, defragmentation and optimization of supply chain system causing 35% wastage

Transaction costs regulation and loss mitigation

Transformation of existing business and continuous improvement

Ecological perspective

In our platform we are promising ecological solutions through neuro network analysis and extended knowledge database

We are working with most technological integrators on the market to gather benefit of digitalization of agro-industry to make our project efficient and environment friendly.

Blockchain in Agriculture

Blockchain usage provides following benefits:

Transparent Transaction connecting all the participants

Smart Contract ensures extensive contractual obligations to a multitude of stakeholders

Mitigation of human errors and optimization of processes across the supply chain

Reducing payment tracking issues – better share of profits, direct payments

Tracing origin of product available to anyone in the ecosystem

Reducing Multinationals’ influence – creating self-sufficient local economies

Solves unfair pricing issue - direct price negotiation

SmartAgro platform use cases

Regional municipality wants to provide citizens with best quality low cost tomatoes via regulated RfP process

Existing business looking for scaling opportunities in emerging markets

Private investor looking for fastest return on investment product.


Why us?


SmartAgro platform will provide unique information about successful projects, business models, and success factors all over the world

SAT provides unique discounts on in-demand products


SmartAgroToken can be purchased with major cryptocurrency types

Centralized eco-system connecting all participants


Guaranteed by LR Group integrator

Data is decentralized, transparent and secure

SAT based on Ethereum

Escrow protected

Smart Contracts based

Success drivers

SAT deficit will be established via reduction of discount in each following round:  first round will provide higher discount than the next round

Service price can be more granularly set as per week or per day usage.

SmartAgro Platform heading to become reference toolset for government structures and business analytics.

Price of platform services will exceed price of products once platform had matured with functionality.

Thanks to our development activity, SmartAgro platform will become integrated part of agro-industry business evaluation and verification processes.

SAT utility token discount can be decoupled for product and platform service (ex. 60% product or 40% services).

First SAT batch will provide 65% discount for product (5 Ha) or platform services

Second SAT batch will be released prior execution of 10 Ha project and will provide 50% discount for product of future 25 Ha or platform services

SAT demand growth drivers

  • Transparency of the Project.
  • Launch of MVP+.
  • Launch of a fully functional Platform.
  • A mandatory condition for obtaining a platform service is the use of SAT.
  • Integration of greenhouse construction (AgroKlaster) into the SmartAgro platform.
  • Expansion of the SmartAgro ecosystem through new projects and countries.
  • Production of agricultural products discounted with SAT.
  • Geo expansion of SmartAgro platform via worldwide projects.
  • Achieving a qualitatively new level of forecasts and analytics with use of neuro network learning and comprehensive knowledge database.
  • Normalization of the market prices for quality vegetable products.
  • Constant growing demand for platform services.
  • Expansion of platform functionality.

Reward Program and ICO Process

AgroToken provides up to 65% discount from the market price of the product, or SmartAgro services

Discount expiration is within 3 years of purchase

There is token purchase bonus that is decreasing within the timeline of sales

There will be premium bonus for the week collected USD 5-10M during ICO


FAO United Nations:


Sources and additional documentation on our website:





May 2017

High Level Design Planning

High Level Design Planning, Administrative Document Signing, Partners contract signing, demo of SmartAgro platform based on real data of 6-15 Ha greenhouse

April 2018


Planning, analysis and preparation of platform architecture, data models, business logic concept

July 2018

Beta testing

Beta-testing platform.
Functional registration of international integrators and suppliers (equipment, services and technologies).
Functional ability to populate actual technological, services, equipment data.

January 2019

Checklist Modeling

Project checklist modelling.
Development and implementation of participants’ verification in the Platform.

April 2019

Verification of first 10 projects

Verification of first 10 projects.
Beta of the platform available to open public.
Internal security and functional audit of the platform.

July 2019

Expansion of new platform members’ database

Expansion of new platform members’ database.
Massive collection of functional data from integrators, project architects.
Second platform Security Audit.
Verification of projects, analysis and evaluation of the possible outcome of the project.
Automated analysis of the provided data based on the checklist model.
Opening access to the read and search the database via API to third parties

October 2019

2019 Verification of additional 40+ projects

Verification of additional 40+ projects. Release of mobile applications, WEB and API. Development of UI for public access to data

January 2020

Functionality enhancements

Functionality enhancements, platform add-ons, analysis tools

April 2020

100+ projects verified

100+ projects verified.
Development of strategies and conditions for platform expansion, integration, new opportunities, enhanced API functionality

July 2020

Fully functional platform

Fully functional platform.
300+ projects verified.
Commissioning of the second 10 Ha greenhouse complex bringing the greenhouse complex to 15 Ha in total.

January 2021

500+ projects verified

500+ projects verified.
Commissioning of the third 15 Ha greenhouse complex, bringing the greenhouse complex to 30 Ha in total

January 2023

Platform serving 1500 unique users

Platform serving 1500 unique users.
150+ residents of SmartAgro eco-system. 700+ Verified projects.

October 2023


Rubashevsky Alexander

Initiator, general and strategic management. Financial modeling of business, investment consulting. Expert experience in leasing, in the field of organizing sales from scratch, building motivation and financing complex structured objects...

Perepelkin Oleg

Initiator, CEO - strategic management. Investment adviser in a number of investment companies, head of a leasing company with a portfolio of more than 6 billion rubles

Rozovskaya Margaret

CTO, management of design and construction Implementation of various multi-functional construction development facilities, with a total budget of more than $ 400 million

Protasevich Andrey

Designer and web-developer RedShark Development and maintenance of large projects, filling the graphic component and printing.

Belkovskaya Alina

Vice President of AgroKlaster Promotion and international communication project

Zeldin Evgeni


Vaisband Oleg

CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

Zelensky Michael


Irena Voykhansky

Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations


Valeriy Bas

Ryazan Radio Engineering Institute, Russia. Officer in the Soviet Armed Forces. Financial Academy, Russia. Expert in the SCO Business Club. President of the BRICS Agro-Industrial Association.

Vladimir Gorbanovskiy

Plekhanov Russian University, Russia. Expert in SCO, BRICS. CEO at Energy Association of BRICS

Alexander Kukartsev

Tomsk State University, Russia. Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires Argentina. Maryville College, International Economics, USA. Expert in logistics, experience in Kazakhstan, Argentina, Niggaria.

Yulia Semenikhina

SMM-manager. Plekhanov Russian University, Russia. Professional training on the program "CMM-manager"

Lebed Alla

General management and operation of the Greenhouse complex. Ten-year professional experience in managing a greenhouse complex with an area of more than 70 hectares

Heere Jan

Investment Advisor

Rosenwald Boris

Expert on agrotechnology

Lyamenkov Dmitri

Business analyst in ICOBox

Faingersh Oleg

Moneymonitor Expert

Psareva Nadezhda

Financial advisor

Reuven Sudakin

Senior Developer