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April 2018

Private sale

In this step investor pools, institutional investors and accredited investors will be approached for private sales before the launch of ico

May 2018


At this step those that skipped the private sale would have a second chanche to enter the token sale with less bonus.

May 2018

Main ICO sale

The main ico sale will be open for everyone. In this step there will be minimum bonus leveraged each week.

July 2018

presentation of Beta prototype- Marketing campaign

Beta prototype will be released to the public. At this point marketing campaing will take part in order to give aknowlegment about our project to people outside the ico sphere.

October 2018

Release of working platform and native iOS and Android apps.

Full working online platform alongside with the native mobile apps for iOS and Android will be released.

January 2019

Issuance of Visa - Registration Campaing

At this point a campaing for registration of a huge user database will take place in major cities in order to assure success of the project. Also a prepaid visa will be issued that will allow users to ave immidiate liquidity.

April 2019

Expansion in Services market

Ritoffer will expand its product in order to cover services market.

July 2019

Strategic partenrships in wholesale

Creation of strategic partnerships in wholesale aiming to create the proper environament to expand in this market.

October 2019

Wholesale expansion-Wholesale platform

Ritoffer will create a fully functional platform custom made for wholesale.

January 2020

Marketing campaing-Secure of position

Continious marketing campaing in order to secure a position in Retail, wholesale and services market that will allow the company to have a long term success.

December 2020


Stamatis-Christos Saridakis


Stylianakis George


Nektarios Moumoutzis



Khaya Maloney

COO for Africa-Community managment

Bogdan Fiedur

Blockchain Advisor

Alexandros Ntousias