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上一次交换已结束  12.12.2018

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August 2018

Continued Platform Development

August 2018

Meetings & Events

October 2018

Token Added To A Third Party Of Distribution

January 2019

Design of Magnetics user profile interface and architecture

To develop user access and ability to join the platform. There will be 3 x different user states – worker, recruitment agency, employer.

March 2019

MECS verification functionality design and development

Central to the platform functionality, the MECS verification platform stage 1 will be accessed by early joiners .

March 2019

Platform Goes Live

April 2019

Recruitment agency functionality optimisation

Recruitment agency focused developmentof MECS DApp.

April 2019

Blockchain integration

Development of primary smart contracts and token functionality for MECS powered Magnetic services.

July 2019

Release of Magnetics Data Protocol

Release of a protocol, data exchange logics, smart contract of exchange and API to connect applications.

July 2019


Adam Kilshaw


Kevin Gornall


Leslie Dundas


Johnny Marques

Head of Creative

Oliver Van-Hay

Head of Commercial

Nate Raine

Head of Marketing

Will Liddle

Legal Liaison Officer

Raj Pakiyanathan

Business Development Manager


Stephen Morris

Founder of Haygarth & FCB Inferno

Mirko Aksentijevic

Head of Sales Strategy and Operations at Logitech

Greig Williams

President of HTC Europe