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September 2017

Smart contracts fro token sale campaigns on Ethereum

Any customer will be able to issue its own tokens, create a smart contract for Pre Initial Coin Offering or Initial Coin Offering and deploy it on Ethereum blockchain. It will be so simple as filling out a form on the platform, so they will not need any additional developers for these purposes any more.

September 2017

AlfaToken Pre Initial Coin Offering

AlfaToken Pre Initial Coin Offering takes place from Sept, 29th.

November 2017

Initial Coin Offering and listing on exchanges

We will intent to list our ALFA token on a few popular crypto exchanges after the Initial Coin Offering

February 2018

Adding of other blockchains support

After this feature will be implemented any organization will get a possibility to choose the blockchain for its own tokens and smart contracts (if applicable).

February 2018

Service to automate the distribution of tokens to investors

We intent to develop a service for an automated allocation of tokens among investors if investments are made in different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

May 2018

Service helping to run and manage bounty programs

Managing a bounty program in terms of distribution of tokens to participants is also a challenge for startups because it requires a lot of manual work. It will be automated.

August 2018

Smart contracts for other use cases

Service to easily create smart contracts for the real estates, p2p relations, hiring process, others.

November 2017


Denis Farnosov


Andrew Ivashin

Business Development Director

Rafael Melik-Ovsepyan


Alex Kraiko


Dmitry Ivanov

Blockchain Developer

Albert Ibragimov

Blockchain Developer

Mike Sazonov

Blockchain Developer

Semyon Kononenko

SMM Manager