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November 2017

Alpha version of machine design system uKit AI 1.0

The system can turn old website versions into the new ones in the test environment: it identifies websites’ content and structure, and combines the designs. The scoring system prototype to assess if the result is visually appealing.

December 2017


Tokens pre-sale at discounted prices

January 2018

Using tokens to pay for existing products: uKit/uLanding

February 2018


The soft cap is $2.5M. The hard cap is $10M. Tokens due issuance: 100 000.

April 2018

Beta version of machine design system uKit AI 1.0

The tool becomes available in the test mode: users can improve any of their business card websites or landing pages with the help of the neural network.

May 2018

Start of the uData big data storage development

The system will combine the base for keeping depersonalized data about Internet users and the platform for their analysis and segmentation. The base will be connected to big data management platforms (external storages) and might as well be updated by token holders in return for a reward.

June 2018

System to vote for product features

The sequence of releasing new functionality is determined by token voting.
The voting transparency is ensured by the blockchain technology.

June 2018

uKit AI 1.0. release

The machine design system turns old websites into the new ones. With it, you can transform any existing website: improve its design and navigation, apply basic rearrangements to content, and make the site mobile-friendly.

August 2018

uData beta version: start of testing

The database is ready, the system starts segmenting the traffic and learning in the testing mode.

September 2018

uKit AI 2.0. beta version: data-oriented design

The machine design system (uKit AI) and the traffic and data analysis system (uData) start functioning as one: websites are given multiple design versions to suit different audiences. The platform forms its first hypotheses based on the stored data about segments, as well as learns to optimize hypotheses in real-life cases.

January 2019

Release of the entire platform: uKit AI 2.0

The platform comprising the full range of necessary tools (builder, dynamic content system, machine design system, storage and data analysis system) is out of beta. Users get an opportunity to share data about the traffic that has passed through their websites with the system and get tokens in return: the exchange is implemented through the blockchain.

February 2019


Evgeny Kurt

Chief Executive Officer

Irina Cherepanova

Chief Product Officer

Pavel Kudinov

Chief Technical Officer

Roman Steinberg

Leader of the Neural Network Group