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IpTS の詳細



January 2016

MVP Platform Development and Commercial rollout COMPLETED

Park Booking Platform has been developed and succesully rolled out commercialy in the form of minimum viable product available as PARKGURU.COM

December 2017

Token Pre-Sale

5% of the tokens will be distributed to determine the final price of the Token Sale.

January 2018

Token Sale

30% of the tokens will be distributed to fund the developmen of the PARKGENE project and commercial rollout

February 2018

Launch of PARKGENE Beta version

Although the Beta version will be a fully functional product for iOS, Android and Web, we always want to have some additional time to listen to the users and put the final touches

May 2018

PARKGENE Official release

Official Launch and Global Advertising campaign. PARKGENE will be available in more than 20 languages to make it as easy and friendly to the millions of people using it

May 2018

Community Growth

We estimate 5 million PARKGENE users by the end of 2018 and 15 million users by the end of 2019

January 2020

PARKGENE Continued Global development

Extending Technology, User Base, Partner ecosystem towards the new era of parking

January 2020


Louis Hatzis


Giannis Ramfos


John Zarifis


Nikos Skarlatos


A skillful team

of more than 30 employees


George Giaglis

Professor at AUEB; Blockchain/Fintech Research

Brian Subirana

Director in MIT Auto-ID Laboratory - Cryptocurrencies/ blockchain researcher

Athanasios Kalekos

Managing Partner Odyssey Venture Partners

Manos Chatzopoulos

CEO Parkzen LLC - Astrophysicist Professor at LSU

Liz Davison

Parking Consultant - Complete Parking Management Consultancy Ltd

Russ Meneve

Stand Up Comedian / Technology Enthusiast

Krishna Karthik

CEO - Day1 Technologies