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January 2018

Milestone 1 – $10m raised and 10m users

As we’ve detailed in this whitepaper, this first launch will encompass a sequence of regional launches across the Nordics, Europe and then the US. As the platform builds momentum, more and more will be brought organically and via other acquisition models to its doors. We will extend
to 32 languages o ered, covering over 90% of the population as we push toward our second milestone

July 2018

Milestone 2 – $20m raised and 20m users

Next up will be our launches across select
Asian territories, India and Australia, three regions that o er incredibly strong trivia playing demographics. India o ers a huge English- speaking demographic with hot topics like
cricket and Bollywood, and we have a content team situated locally. Combine that with the Australian love for sport and the booming new middle class across these territories and the potential acquisition is significant. This milestone will see the evolution of our brand o erings as
we continue to extend the capabilities of our platform, and capitalize upon developments in the blockchain and cryptorealm.

January 2019

Milestone 3 – $30m raised and 30m users

As we continue to spread World across the
world as we truly intend it to be, we will facilitate launches across China, South America and the Middle East. China is the world’s biggest gaming market, and South America features over 200 million people in Brazil alone, with more and more of them adopting mobile gaming by the day. Each of these untapped arenas o er unknown potential, and will be an incredible front to cross as we compound our platform’s spread.

January 2019

Milestone 4 – Highy profitable operations

Once we have launched across every major region, and while we are in this process also,
we will be focusing on launching Mowjow World-branded events and sub-projects. We are constantly thinking of new ideas, submitted both in-house and by our dedicated users, with early concepts including Young by Mowjow, a game aimed at the younger crowd, Food by Mowjow for food lovers, and Music by Mowjow for music lovers, all funded using our World token.

December 2019

Milestone 5 – Next big thing...

This one we call our Moonshot. We really are shooting for the stars but with the team we have behind us, we have every chance of success. This is the culmination of our World strategy, with funding truly complete and the potential endless. The crypto revolution will have arrived with our ecosystem’s mass adoption profile a success.

Our vision is bold but beautiful, our product of true value to our global community. By the time we have achieved this, the world as we know it will be di erent. And we know that World will have played a positive part in that.

Together, we are the World. Let’s make it happen.

December 2019


Andreas Christensen

Executive Chairman & Founder

Igor Krajisnik

Chief Technology Officer

Oleksiy Nesterenko

Head of Finance

Jan Johannessen

Head of Commercial

Stuan Aleaxander Karlsen

Head of Business Development

Frode Krisner

Head of Game Content

Robert Midzic

Head of Design

Mesrop Minasyan

Head of Frontend

Eugene Tsukanov

Head o Backend

Maksym Maglovanyi

Smart Contract Developer

Debasis Pradhan

Head of QA

Prasen Jit Sigh

Data Scientist

Le'Vonn Warr

Business Development Executive

Shashank Pattekar

Editorial Content


Richard D. Titus

Advisor Strategy

Jill Richmond

Advisor PR

Michael Terpin

Advisor PR

Marissa Kim

Advisor Legal

Matthew Nolan

Advisor Blockchain

Dominik Zynis

Advisor Blockchain

Sebastian Stupurac

Advisor Blockchain

Marc Kenigsberg

Advisor Blockchain

Mark P. Nelson

Advisor Strategy

Marc Thomas Müller

Advisor Enterprise

Kristian Wulfsberg Majer

Advisor Marketing

Jonas Sevel Karlberg

Advisor Marketing

Patrick Dawson

Advisor Marketing

Steve Young

Advisor Marketing

Itai Hajbi

Advisor Marketing

David Drake

Advisor Finance

Terje Olsen

Advisor Travel

Tony Banks

Advisor Sports

Susanne Birgersdotter

Advisor Applications

Tony Evans

Advisor Finance

Kingsley Kobayashi

Advisor Finance

Richard Kastelein

Advisor Blockchain

Marshall Long

Advisor Gaming