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November 2017

Alpha version

We will improve our MVP and this version will include the following:
1. Use of an NLP engine by
2. Use of a centralized db.
3. A dialog builder.
4. A marketplace.
5. Support for sequence intent and initiating intent.
6. Support for 4 channels.
7. Training of the system to handle questions during the ICO.

April 2018


1. Marketing efforts.
2. Smart contract development.

April 2018

Beta soft launch

1. This version will include a full backend for sequence builders.
2. This version will include a full backend for service providers.
3. This version will include a stable marketplace for intents.

April 2018

Operation and legal

1. Building a legal info structure for transforming the crypto funds into fiat.
2. HR – hire technical, marketing and operations employees.

October 2018

Beta launch and building community

1. Continue to build a community of sequence builders.
2. Continue to build a community of Analyzers.
3. This version will include analytic tools.

January 2019

New version that support voice

1. Support voice search.

May 2019

New version that includes ads engine

1. Ad engine that supports segmentation.
2. Bidding economy.

January 2020

Improve ads engine

1. Build machine-learning algorithms that will personalize the conversations.
2. New type of advertising technique – push – use broadcast (push notification).

June 2020


Meir Rosilio


Gilad Manor



Igor Ryabenkiy


Igor Rabinovich