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December 2016

Seed Stage 2016 - 2Q 2017

● Align the developers team and recruiting franchising experts. 
● Development of a prototype followed by alpha and beta versions.  Perform user testing, alpha tests, beta tests in the market.  
● Development of the advertising material for entering the market.  Recruitment of operational staff for the full launch in the UK  market and initial group of partners in the US and China markets  to $0.8M 

September 2017

Pre-ICO 3Q 2017

● Advertising campaign: PR,SMM  
● Development of media content for the service promotion (English,  Russian, Chinese) $0.2M USD 

January 2018

ICO Q1 2018

● Advertising campaign to bolster PR campaigns and targeted PPC  
● Continue to grow social media presence  
● Support of the service in the regions of presence $0.9M 
● Launch Open API for third party access to our fleet. 

March 2018

Q2 - 4 2018

● Promotion in the UK market for explosive growth of market share.  
● Start of promotion in Europe and then US.  
● Toward the end of the year we will recruit experts to launch in Asia  beginning with Singapore, Hong Kong and then China.  
● Start feeding Machine Learning Algorithms with Data. 
● Support of the service in the regions of presence.  
● Preparation to enter into new markets (India, South-East Asia,  South America, Eastern and Western Europe).   ● Scaling the system $18.5M USD in Revenue 
● Establish courier fleet across the Chinese One Belt, One Road  infrastructure. 

January 2019

2019 through to 2021

● Market presence promotion  
● Systems integration connecting to new markets.  
● Maintenance of the service in the regions of presence scaling the  system $20M 
● Deploy Machine Learning to optimize logistics, and increase Profit  Margin. 
● Expand the fleet into further logistical industries. 
● Prepare for deployment of self driving cars. 

December 2021


Craig Pollock


David Downs

Head of Technology

Wayne Maylon

Franchise Manager

Kenneth Coates

Operations Manager

Paul Romeanes

Business Development  Manager