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最後のスワップが終了しました  13.02.2019

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October 2017

White Paper and Presentation Release

Announce ICO and release White Paper and Presentation

October 2017

Private Pre-Sale Round

Pre-sale to select high Profile partners

November 2017

Blockchain Development

Create the Smart contracts for our NANOs and the basis for all Virtual Objects in our Universe.

January 2019

Token Sale

Sell our tokens to the public

April 2019

On-Board 3rd Party Developers

Start on-boarding and training as many third party developers as possible. This is an ever increasing on going process.

May 2019

Token Distrbution

May 2019

Sign Lease on Nexus Station Location

Sign Lease on Nexus Station Location and begin construction

September 2019

Launch SARA

Release the BETA version of the Silica neXus Augmented Reality App. Our version of a Multi-player Pokemon Go with a purpose.

September 2019

Launch Out-of-Home Entertainment Interfaces

Launch several Out-Of-Home entertainment machines (Arcade, LBE and Theme Park Equipment) that works with players accounts on SARA.

November 2019

Open Nexus Station

Grand opening of Nexus Station

September 2023

Launch CORE

Launch CORE that allows all interfaces to work harmoniously in the same 3D spaces in VR and AR.

September 2023


Andrew Prell


Paul Baker

SVP Project Director and Producer

David Bishop

EVP Operations

Emerson Galfo

EVP Finance