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November 2016

Product Development

SAVX is one of few blockchain projects which is backed up with ready product. Beta version:

February 2018

Preparation for ICO

White paper, technical paper, scheduling and begin of roadshow, establishing board of advisers.

May 2018


In Pre_ICO limited amount of tokens will be sold. Collected fund to be retargeted for PR and marketing, legal expenses.

May 2018

First Public beta version released

with all identifications functionalities.
IOS and Android version. by invite only.

June 2018


Token sale to launch SVX, a global single point general identification wallat.

June 2018

Developer API (v1)

we will release the java SDK version. so you can identify us too :-)

August 2018

SAVX version 2 release

a final and stable version , so you wont need anymore a invite to use SAVX

August 2018

Developer API (v2)

we will release the PHP and NodeJS SDK version. so you can identify us even better :-)

August 2018

launch SAVX Europe

Establishing a sales office in Germany targeting the European market.

August 2018


Yanky Mermelstein

Chief Exacutive Officer

Shalom Ohayon

Chief Technical Officer

Yossi Friedman

Chief Operations Officer

Dpak Mala

Team Leader our Asian Development Office.


Shlomo Gadot

CEO of Inuitive - Fabless semiconductor company for 3D imaging, Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Jacob Einhorn

CISO (chief information security officer) at B&H Photo Video