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IpTS の詳細



November 2018

Alfa-version of the product

Work on the product alpha version
• First tests of the alpha version with AI for the consumer
• Development and testing the alpha version with AI for logistics companies
• Development and testing the alpha version with AI for retail points
• Running a demo version of the internal wallet
• Debugging an internal currency exchange
• Debugging work on the Etherium block system
• Launching works on own infrastructure with IoT for business
• Training a pilot group of courier testers
• Binding Smart Contracts to Logistic Software
• Testing retail software on terminals Evotor and Poster
• Agreements with large logistics companies and cooperation services
• Development of a frontend for working with a neural network for outputting synthetic
• Launching works on the collection of initial data for receiving Data sets, which will be
used to study the neural network
• Getting the first results from a neural network

June 2019

Testing the first version of the blockchain

• Launching the alpha version of the product in one of the densely populated areas of the selected metropolis
• Primary launch of the Data Processing Center
• Debugging the work of the data center
• Launching works on own blockchain
• Testing the infrastructure with IoT for business
• Development and testing the alpha version with AI for production companies
• Running synchronous workstation testing with data centers with mining capacities
• Launching a marketing campaign in one city
• Analysis of couriers and consumers feedback
• Launching own pool for outsourcing calculations by the miners in the test mode
through external sites

September 2019


Sergey Lyssenko

CEO, Co-founder

Maxim Tolmachev

CIO, Co-founder


Chris Olson

Branding, consumer experience

Rachel Gabriel

Content expert, US market advisor