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IpTS の詳細



January 2017

Ponder Alpha project

This was an Alpha project based on the previous Spritzr project where we first brought into existence the concept of being financially rewarded for making matches.

October 2017

Ponder Beta

Redesigned app to look and feel like a game, with addition of jackpot of $1000 for every match that leads to a marriage.

February 2018

Ponder Gold token

Development of Gold token and integration with current app

February 2018

Release of Chinese version

Initial Chinese version created and launched

May 2018

Matchmaking levels

Addition of game levels 1-10 based on quantity and quality of matchmaking done. With each level will be rewards and abilities.

July 2018


Ability to gift and receive bounties for successful matchmaking

October 2018


Chris Imani


Patrick Maxwell

Creative Director

Greg Taylor

Principal Engineer

Ji Guo

Growth hacker

Elliot Yan

Acquisition specialist

Manshu Agarwal



Jeffrey Wolfe

Board Consultant

Matt Curtis

Product Adviser

Irfan Kamal

Marketing Adviser

Michael Egan

Board Member