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ICO 구성

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January 2015

Start of platform development

Development of the Zenodys IoT visual platform

May 2015


Raised capital from angel investors at $1 million evaluation

November 2015

Platform commercialization

First large enterprise clients. Platform demonstrates a strong value with it's reliability and usability.

November 2017

Smart contracts implementation

Smart contracts as a core part of the platform. Final version.

January 2018

Platform UX improvements

Additional UI/UX improvements to further simplify onboarding and usability.

March 2018

Marketplace MVP and commercialization

A fully functional marketplace, data exchange between buyers and sellers. First revenue from the marketplace.

March 2018

Platform open sourcing

Includes all the underlying technologies: computing engine, modules and related

May 2018

Marketplace 1.0

Marketplace for developers and refiners; initial implementation of AI and other advanced services

September 2018

Marketplace 2.0

Next generation of the marketplace; full featured as described in WP

September 2018

Jernej Adamic

CEO/Business development

Tomaz Vinko

CTO/Backend development

Andrea Scotto Di Minico

CXO/Frontend development


Julien Coustaury

Business development

Efrat Judovits

Business development

Robert Petric

Business analytics

Matej Francetic

Data science

Esteban Bayro Kaiser


Tomaz Sesek