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ICO 구성

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December 2016

Conceptualization Healthcare ecosystem initiated

August 2017

Seed Round of $250k finished

October 2017

White paper and executive (layman) summary released

January 2018

Shivom Foundation established

The foundation will strive to establish ethical and efficient stewardship, which involves collaborating, identifying common interests and creating incentives for all stakeholders to act on them. Like the Hyperledger Foundation, the Shivom Foundation will provide for a technical steering committee and a process for reaching consensus on changes to the ecosystem. It will also establish an advocacy & marketing committee and a knowledge network for industry outreach and education. Finally, it sets forth codes of conduct, including transparency to ensure the formation of trusts. Building this foundation will mitigate some of the strong legal uncertainty surrounding emergent technologies such as genomics and blockchain, thereby helping the genomics ecosystem and partners alike to move beyond the proof-of-concept stage. The foundation will work on legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure a long-term, sustainable and technically sound healthcare service

January 2018

Project Gaia started

A sequencing project to sequence people in rural India will start, in order to develop the first genome database of rare ethnic sequences, underrepresented in other databases.

February 2018

Exchange Integration

March 2018

Major Data Analytics Partner on Board

Initiate collaboration with global leader in genomic big data analytics.

April 2018

Partnership with key Precision Medicine company

Collaboration with Precision Medicine company for genomics-based patient stratification.

April 2018

Partnership with Top 25 Pharma company

Co-development of platform and early access to platform for pharma company.

May 2018

Platform controlled release

July 2018

Official platform release

July 2018

Formation of Not-for-Profit R&D Unit

August 2018

First rare disease subset finalized

A specific rare disease patient group sequenced and added to Shivom ecosystem

December 2018

Deep learning artificial intelligence platform added

Together with partners in industry and academia, an artificial intelligence platform leveraging state-of-the art deep learning algorithms attached to our platform

December 2018

Dr Axel Schumacher

Founder & CEO

Gourish Singla

Co-Founder & COO

Sally Eaves

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Guru

Dr Natalie Pankova

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Daniel Gutierrez

Head of Business Development

Agam Kansal

Marketing Lead