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November 2017

Smart-contracts goods

Goods that Teams, Streamers and Organizations can create on the platform and exchange for Gold Tokens. Includes technical implementation and UI/UX.

February 2018

Tokens implementation

Revamp of Click-Storm Coins and switch to smart contracts and blockchain based transactions via Click-Storm Gold Tokens and Credibility history on blockchain.

March 2018

Design and UX improvements

Significant improvements of the platform in terms of UI/UX to improve retention and add better mobile support.

March 2018

Add support of cryptocurrency exchangers

Click-Storm Tokens should be distributed on main exchangers like Poloniex.

April 2018

Mobile version

Mobile version of the already adaptive platform: tournaments, chats, groups, team finder. Gold Tokens and Silver Tokens integration with mobile games.

May 2018

Chats 2.0

Improvements of existing chats system and group chats - better optimization for high-load, emotions, files (screenshots).

June 2018

Tournament system 2.0

Technical improvements of the core Click-Storm system to be able to accommodate up to 2048 teams in one bracket, high-load improvements. Enhanced functionality for tournament admins and participants. Adding support of games like PUBG and Random Team Cup tournaments.

July 2018

Marketing Phase I

Marketing campaign to recruit and retain gamers who will play tournaments, find teammates, read guides and exchange gold tokens for goods. The goal is to acquire 300 000 users and retain them.

August 2018

Campaign builder for organizations

Introduce new tool that includes improved page builder of the event of campaign (we already have first version), stats module with web-site info and stream service integrations, Ads module to launch campaigns on Click-Storm paid with Gold Tokens. Goods and crowdfunding goals for campaigns, users and teams.

October 2018

Marketing Phase II

Campaign aimed at professional organizatoins and gamers, The goal is to acquire 2 000 000 users and get to 10M monthly views and 7M unique viewers.

October 2017

Alex Talan


Artem Babkin


Roman Kuncevich

Product Director

Dmitry Gaidabura



Matthias Beyer

Partnerships Lead

Dan Toh