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ICO 구성

프로젝트에 대하여


January 2018

ICO Launch

Launch of our ICO to the public. Marketing campaigns begin.

April 2018

Product and MAKE Dapp Development

Public Alpha web app released for token holders only. Continue hardware/footwear development for ShiftWear IOT platform.

December 2018

Dapp beta release

Dapp beta launch and design marketplace launch. Beta for footwear products complete.

September 2019

Full Product launch

Production line established. Global marketing campaigns. Entertainment/celebrity partnerships. Pre-Orders and delivery.

September 2019

David Coelho

President and Founder

Nick Johnson

CTO and Founder

Mark Schwartz

Technology Attorney & Blockchain Evangelist

George Zaharia

Web development and Design


Mike Malone


Jim Wong


Peter Tocoo


Mike Orlando