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이번 스왑은 마감되었습니다  12.09.2018

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January 2016

Curaizon begins development of drug-adherence technologies

Development of CuraServe ™ begins in collaboration with Gateway Technolabs

March 2018

Pre-token sale

Up to 5% of the tokens will be distributed to define the purchase price of the Token Sale

April 2018

Token sale

30% of the tokens will be distributed to fund the development of CuraData™

July 2018

Launch CuraData™ Beta

Live integration with Curaizon’s data flow

October 2018

CuraData™ Official release

Presentation to existing and prospective end users

April 2019

Platform commercialisation

Token values increase and begin being traded in exchange for access to our big data analytics and stakeholder augmentation

October 2019

Token Evolution

User-base grows as patient numbers estimated to exceed 5 million. Estimated 8.5+ million patients by 2020

January 2020

CuraData™ 2.0

Fully integrated and full-feature data trading and collaboration platform with patient numbers estimated at 15+ million

January 2020

Nicholas Rumble

Founder & CEO

Mark Nathan


Data Specialists

AI & Machine Learning

Software & App Developer

Architecture & Technology Development


Dr Rory McRea

Chief Advisor

Dr Sarah Chilvers

Clinical Advisor