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September 2016

Fudi Mobile Platform

Completion of fully functional Fudi Mobile Platform

April 2017

Fudi Proof of Concept in the Marketplace

Outstanding reviews of the App and Platform from foodies and chefs. Fudi completed over $50,000 of transactions through the platform.

January 2018

Whitepaper for Fudi Token economics

Fudi is embarking on decentralization and tokenization of the platform

February 2018

Launch Fudi decentralized application

Extend the existing mobile platform to accommodate Fudi Token

April 2018

Launch Fudi Token

Fudi Token Crowdsale. Tokens will be distributed for purchase of food in the Fudi ecosystem as well as incentivizing users to grow the ecosystem.

October 2018

Market Fudi Token and Fudi App

Launch marketing program to educate general public on the benefits of using native tokens for food and services

December 2018

Nizar Lavji


Alex Barenboim


Lenny Chesal

Food Operations

Praveen Yalamanchi

Blockchain Architect

Samy El-Abbar

Blockchain Developer


Akshay Sharma


Hugo Perez