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이번 스왑은 마감되었습니다  26.09.2018

ICO 구성

환전 구성

프로젝트에 대하여


May 2017

First version of online platform

First version of online platform developed and tested. We conducted several hundred lessons, gathered feedback from users and already developed several functions for p2p platform.

September 2017

Further platform development and ICO preparation

Currently we are gathering feedback, preparing for ICO and we continue to develop our platform.

November 2017



December 2017

Product development

Use of proceeds. Finalisation of the product, marketing stage (first students), rectruitment (first tutors). Here we are preparing for p2p platform launch and ensuring high demand on tokens.

March 2018


Tokens start being accepted at online platform. After initial period of work we collect feedback from students and tutors and continue adding new features to the platform.

June 2018

Andrew Kravets


Max Shekhovtsov


Victor Bryzgalov


Natalya Asenova

Head of Marketing and Sales