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ICO 구성

IpTS 구성

프로젝트에 대하여


April 2017

Initial Startup Q2 2017

Created the platform
Created the ANYCO tokens
Created a site for preselling ANYCO tokens anyco
Created a FAQ and white paper
Initial hiring of team

December 2017

1st goal and Pre-ICO Q4-2017

Collection of funds for staff salaries in the team, programmers, product development and marketing.
To fill (through parsing) the site with all possible types of goods and services.

January 2018

The second goal Q1-2018

To test the advertising and marketing of to take market share from companies such as: airbnb, Amazon, aliexpress, envato, clickbank, fiverr, groupon, Craigslist and other similar sites.

April 2018

ICO Q2-2018

Raising funds for a large advertising campaign (commercials on television, all crypto-exchanges, advertising posters in major cities around the world, word of mouth, social networks, search networks, message boards, etc.)

July 2018


Conduct a large advertising company.

October 2018


Construction of ANYCOINS hypermarkets around the world.

October 2019

The ultimate goal Q4-2019

With the help of new solutions - to displace or absorb all the other platforms and thereby become the number 1 site around the world.

December 2019

Sergei Zhilenko

Founder and CEO

Anna Eremina

co-founder and HR director

Barbara Smith

International Relationship management and Translator

Stanislav Svistunov

Mobile CTO

Yana Kartashova


Alla Rumyantseva

Head of Sales Department