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이번 스왑은 마감되었습니다  02.05.2018

ICO 구성

환전 구성

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November 2017


Announce Token Presale. Registration of participants for PRC Presale. A bonus discount of 40%-30% for all Presale whitelist participants. 25-10% discount for all public presale participants.

December 2017

Start token Crowdsale

Start token Crowdsale

January 2018

Digital Assets Exchange

Token listing on recognized coin/token exchanges

February 2018

Blockchain for PRC

Start development of blockchain technology for PRC token

February 2018

CannaSOS Wallet + Crypto Wallet

Unite CannaSOS Wallet with cryptocurrency Wallet

March 2018

Partnership Platform

Start development of Partnership Platform for publishers and advertisers

April 2018


Start development of E-Store that will use PRC token based on blockchain technology

June 2018


Start development of API for contribution and bonus system including mobile adaptation

June 2018

Bonus Reward System for Retailers

Start development of bonus reward system for retailers

June 2018

Community Votes!

Engaging CannaSOS users via voting system to determine which features are needed to be developed and implemented for best user experience

June 2017

Oleg Cheine

Founder, CEO

Luba Kay

Founder, CFO, Researcher and Advisor

Vas Shestakov

Co-founder, Director of Development Department

Vit Ivanov

Co-founder, Senior Developer

Sergey Shnerson

Co-founder, Network Administrator

Anton Yakovlev

Co-founder, Front-End Developer

Anton Danilov

Co-founder, Full-Stack Developer

Daniel Cheine

Co-founder, Account Manager

Steve Prosniewski

West Coast Territory Sales Manager

Bennett Cook

East Coast Territory Sales Manager