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ICO 구성

환전 구성

프로젝트에 대하여


July 2018

ICO Fundraising & Beta

ICO Fundraising & Release of Platform (beta) for Russia Market with global sales

October 2018

Germany & Loyalty Rewards Token System

Release of Platform for Germany market and Loyalty Rewards System on Tokens

January 2019

VC Fund & Spain, Italy, France

Retail.Global VC Funding Session, Release of Platform for Spain, Italy, France

April 2019

China & India

Release of Platform for China and India

December 2019

Pavel Zhdankin


Satsunkevich Artur

Director of partnership and Business Development


Roger Crook

The ex-CEO of DHL

Keith Teare

founding shareholder TechCrunch,Executive Chairman at Accelerated Digital Ventures

Ken Leaver

Director of product at Wayfair ($7bln US ecommerce), Head of Product LAZADA (an Alibaba Company), ex-CEO Groupon UA, also: VISA, BCG. Strategy Partners