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ICO 구성

프로젝트에 대하여


August 2017

Start of development

December 2017

Launch of platform in beta

January 2018

Capability to switch to Ethereum testing networks

January 2018

Issuance of ERC20 tokens.

January 2018

Integration with Meta Mask

February 2018

Advertisement smart contract with no middlemen.

March 2018

Voting mechanisms

June 2018

Launch of TGE Development of easy-to-use interface for deve

July 2018

API for third party developers and IOT integrations.

August 2018

Platform specification documentation. Learning content.

September 2018

Credit smart contract.

October 2018

Lost keys recovery smart contract.

November 2018

Bequest smart contract.

December 2018

Document registers.

January 2019

Storage of statistical information

February 2019

Referral and loyalty programs.

March 2019

Development of industrial blockchain solutions.

April 2019

IoT deep integration

May 2019

Web-based wallet.

November 2019

Android-based wallet.

November 2019

Alexander Doronin

Co-founder, SEO

Fanil Yusupov

Chief technology officer

Vasily Vasilkov

Representative in the USA

Alexander Strakhov

Project manager

Maria Tauseneva

Marketing Manager

Evgeny Kurylev

Project Engineer