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ICO 구성

IpTS 구성

프로젝트에 대하여


January 2016

Start of the project

MVP development

June 2016

Official release of the first version

The first official version and the start of the traction

December 2016

Market and industry tests

Testing the local video ads market (agencies and programmatis selling)

June 2017

Decision to have an ICO

Team decides to go global and make a crowdsale

September 2017

Prepare to crowdsale

Global market research and last preparations to crowdsale

November 2017

preICO launch

Early-stage crowdsale

December 2017

ICO launch

Main milestone of crowdsale

May 2018

Cryptocurrency stock exchange listing

Listing on top of the cryptocurrency stock exchanges

December 2018

Turnover is over $60M

Annual company turnover reaches $60M+

December 2018

Alexander Shishow

CEO & founder

Andrew Smirnov


Andrew Tswetkov

Front end developer

Anton Noginov

Blockchain architect

Mika Mayer

Creative director

Ksenia Snezhnaya

Art director

Kate Alyanskaya

PR & Community manager

Ksena Hisamudinova

Head of Marketing