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ICO 구성

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September 2017

Early token sale

The goal of this early token sale is to bring the platform up to v1.0 readiness and, more importantly, onboard a sizeable group of consumers and suppliers of data.

The proceeds of the early token sale will be spent on growing the team to 8-10 people, including business developers, community and development profiles. Additional spending will be allocated to operational costs like infrastructure, office space, marketing, and legal expenses.

During this early token sale, we will be offering 5% of the tokens (11,250,000) at a rate of 1,200 tokens per ETH (a 20% bonus compared to the main sale). We will allow overfunding of this goal to a maximum 15% of the tokens, allowing Databroker DAO to grow faster in preparation of the main token sale.

The early token sale starts on September 18, 2017 at 16:00 CET and will run for 4 weeks unless the 15% hard cap is reached. Unsold tokens will be sold in the main token sale.

During the early token sale, a referral system is in effect.

April 2018

Main token sale

The next phase for the platform will be global expansion and additional service offerings. Most of the funds will go into business development so as to onboard the estimated number of sensors, network operators, and consumers.

During the main token sale, we will be offering a maximum of 60% of the tokens (minus the overfunded token percentage sold in the early token sale) at a rate of 1,000 tokens per ETH. Again, the referral system will be in effect.

While the timeframe is flexible, we estimate moving into this phase some 6 to 8 months after the early token sale closes. During this period, we will monitor the token sale space closely to fine-tune the main token sale to the latest best practices concerning technical, regulatory, and organizational aspects.

(! The official dates of this phase will be announced soon on

October 2018

Reserved tokens and ETH

The platform will retain 25% of all tokens, minus all tokens needed for the referral scheme, plus all unsold tokens.

The purpose of these tokens is twofold. On the one hand, a reserve of tokens allows for follow-up sales to accelerate growth and allows the platform to do some limited market making. This is crucial since the liquidity of a utility token is paramount in the functioning of the platform. At the same time, some of the raised ETH will also be kept in reserve for these market-making purposes.

An additional 10 percent of the tokens are reserved for the team fund. The majority of the team fund will be distributed to team members joining the platform and will be vested in stages over 3 years. The unvested tokens will be returned to the fund in case the team member leaves the team. The rest will be distributed to current team members and advisors.

(! The official dates of this phase will be announced soon on

December 2018

Matthew Van Niekerk

Co-founder and CEO

Roderik van der Veer

Co-founder and CTO

Els Meyvaert

Marketing and communications

Cassandre Vandeputte

Blockchain Solution Analyst

Jonathan Johnson

Advisor - President, Medici Ventures, Inc.

Patrick Byrne

Advisor - CEO,

Julien Marlair

Advisor - Business Development and Innovation manager at Proximus

Richard Kastelein

Advisor - Blockchain News Publisher / Partner Cryptoassets Design Group