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ICO 구성

프로젝트에 대하여


December 2017


December 2017

Presale start

Presale for serious investors and funds with good discount from volume.

January 2018


ICO for the public

February 2018

Tokens issuance

RDL tokens distribution

May 2018

Adding blockchain to the app

Drivers can earn tokens!

October 2018

Augmented reality navigation

Very useful feature for drivers

January 2019

Roadly Drive

Launch of dedicated smart dashcam device for gathering road data

March 2019

Firs HD-Maps on our Marketplace

Huge discounts for RDL token owners (first automakers will buy tokens from markets to get discounts)

July 2019

Adding more layers from other data providers

More data - more demands for RDL tokens

November 2019

First ride of Self-Driving car using our HD-Maps

And maybe driven by AI trained on Roadly data =)

December 2019

Evgeniy Nikolskiy


Marat Bashlikov


Alexander Cherkasov


Andrey Ermolaev

Business Angel

Albert Malkin

Business Angel

Natalya Tsarevskaya-d

Business Angel

Leonard Grayver

Legal Advisor

Dmitry Parshkov

Hardware Advisor

...14 more awesome developers

Development team