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ICO 구성

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November 2017


Presale for serious investors and funds with good discount from volume

February 2018

Main Token Sale

ICO for the public investors

April 2018


Starting with only in the world industrial production of North cotton

June 2018


Development of a worldwide decentralized platform for trade commodity (WTBC exchange*)
*World Trade Blockchain Community

September 2018

Blockchain-based cotton commodity exchange

Collecting and selling the first industrial harvest of North cotton on 1000 Hectares in order to start WTBC* exchange Connecting the world cotton producers to the platform
*World Trade Blockchain Community

January 2020

Business growth

х10 a year - the growth forecast of the North cotton company capitalization and WTBC exchange

October 2020

Georgii Senator

CO-FOUNDER, Board Member; Cotton Export Expert of Uzbekistan

Sergej Lehmann

CO-FOUNDER, Board Member; CEO Lamberti Rus

Vladimir Kholyaznikov

CO-FOUNDER, Board Member; CEO

Pavel Vlasov

CO-FOUNDER, Board Member; Leading Fundraiser in AKTIVO crowdfunding platform

Aleksei Ivanov

CO-FOUNDER, Board Member; Former Financial Advisor in ATON

... 15 more awesome developers and industry specialists

development team


Aleksei Abaldov

Member of Science & Technology Board, Independent Expert

Sergey Grigoriev

Member of Science&Technology Board, Independent Expert

Andrey Pecherov

Member of Science & Technology Board, Independent Expert