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ICO 구성

프로젝트에 대하여


October 2017

1WO Tokens addition

Core: 1World Points system linked to 1WO Tokens
Apps: User profile page to integrate Wallet & Redemption

January 2018

Campaign management

Core: Campaigns management for advertising and other services
Apps: In-place analytics in widgets for users and admins
Network: Vertical-focused clusters of publishers

April 2018

Feed with crowd-source & rewards

Core: Interactive Content Creation marketplace
Apps: 1World Feed to integrate data sources & scoring

June 2018

Alex Fedosseev


Brad Kayton

COO, Board Member

Dr. Augie Grant, PhD

Chief Research Office

Valentina Volotskaya

R&D Executive Director

Dmitry Volotskoy


Lera Kulikova

UX Designer

Klaudia Kostarelas

Customer Success Manager

Matt Ganeles

Project Manager

Quinn Miller

Marketing Graphic Designer

Nikhil Shah

Representative in India

Katia Kourtseva

Finance & Office Manager


Alison Davis

Chairman of Advisory Board at

Vasiliy Suvorov

VP, Crypto Valley Association

Ayako Miyaguchi

Founder of Japan Blockchain Association

Alex Yastremski

General Counsel at Bitfury Group

Neville Taraporawalla

President at BCCL Worldwide Inc,

Matthew Le Merle

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Era and Keiretsu Capital