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ICO 구성

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November 2017

Platform Launch(MVP)

We are going to launch our minimum viable product(MVP) on 15th of Nov, 2017. We are starting registrations of freelancers since then. The platform will see major upgrades during this period.

November 2017

Token Distribution

The team will distribute Coinlancer tokens to all the token holders

January 2018

Additional functionalities

The Coinlancer platform will experience constant improvements, third-party integration, cloud support, platform upgrades and the like

May 2018

Ian Viner


Charles Voltron


Rushabh Shah


Dhaval Parekh



Katrina Arden

Legal Advisor

George Kimionis

ICO Advisor

Steve Good

Digital Strategist

Amarjit Singh


Konstantin Oleshko

Project Manager

Sergei Vasylchuk

Technical Head

James Sowers

ICO Advisor

Brenn hill

ICO Advisor

Arturas Svirskis

ICO Advisor

Paul Francis

ICO Advisor

Sean Colopy

ICO Advisor

Boris Otonicar

ICO Advisor

Max Gail

ICO Advisor

Sean Weisbrot

ICO Advisor

Chad Anderson

ICO Advisor

Paulina Good

Marketing Consultant