Online P2P platform eliminating intermediaries and geographical borders between tutors and students. Ask questions at t.me/ntokio

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ICO details

15 Nov 2017
15 Dec 2017
$15 000 000 USD

About the project

Who we are

Education is out of date in technology adoption with only a tiny share of the industry online. Our mission is to facilitate learning, in particular of foreign languages, through a peer-to-peer technology platform connecting tutors and students online.

The core platform has been developed as a centralized, non peer-to-peer version at tutor-ninja.ru. Our task is to leverage the existing centralized platform to develop a true peer-to-peer solution. Our solution will provide the following:
• Online peer-to-peer platform eliminating geographical borders between tutors and students through a cutting-edge technology with high quality video and audio signal as well as education-specific functionality, such as white boards, lessons scheduling and payments and interactive learning methods;
• Transparent and secure information on experience and quality of tutors through the ranking/reviews system built on blockchain;
• Elimination of intermediaries between tutors and students, such as schools, and therefore significantly reducing the cost of lessons through the peer-to-peer platform.

NTOK tokens features:
• Ability to use the NTOK platform to study with a teacher directly without paying any intermediary fees, rather than direct teacher’s fee;
• Full functionality of an intermediary, such as online school platform, including video, voice, whiteboard, online scheduling and payment;
• Access to the database of tutors on a blockchain with decentralized and secure reviews and rankings. Ability to rank and publish tutor reviews stored on the blockchain;

Token economics:
• One token could be used to take one lesson (45 minute session) with no intermediary payments and only direct payment to the tutor depending on the tutor’s rate;
• Tokens issued at $2.00 per token at ICO and eliminate intermediaries costs of $16.00 (8x economic value);
• Number of tokens issued at ICO according to the ICO proceeds, ICO cap of $5m and token distribution per below;
• Potentially, a number of tokens could be mined by tutors with superior performance according to blockchain-based ranking/reviews system.

ICO details
Underlying product: launched already (tutor-ninja.ru)
ICO period: November 15th - December 15th, 2017
Cap on proceeds at ICO: $15 million
Token distribution at ICO: Public (77%), Management & Advisors (20%), potentially Bounty (3%).
Token standard: ERC20
Technology platform: ICOBox
Legal advisor: DLA Piper

Use of proceeds
• Product, including peer-to-peer platform development, blockchain implementation, introduction of new courses, localisation for various languages & countries (45%)
• Marketing and sales, including expansion in various countries and courses (35%)
• Operations, reserves and other (20%)

Road map

May 2017

First version of online platform

First version of online platform developed and tested. We conducted several hundred lessons, gathered feedback from users and already developed several functions for p2p platform.

September 2017

Further platform development and ICO preparation

Currently we are gathering feedback, preparing for ICO and we continue to develop our platform.

November 2017



December 2017

Product development

Use of proceeds. Finalisation of the product, marketing stage (first students), rectruitment (first tutors). Here we are preparing for p2p platform launch and ensuring high demand on tokens.

March 2018


Tokens start being accepted at online platform. After initial period of work we collect feedback from students and tutors and continue adding new features to the platform.

June 2018


Andrew Kravets


Max Shekhovtsov


Victor Bryzgalov


Natalya Asenova

Head of Marketing and Sales