A cryptocurrency secured marketplace that connects deep-diving travelers with people who're passionate about own culture

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ICO details

01 Nov 2017
01 Dec 2017
$10 000 000 USD

About the project

What are the problems to solve?

1. Travelers overpay up to 40% of hidden commissions for activities in the marketplaces. This happens because classical business models rely on multiple middlemans’ fees.
2. Buried authentic experiences under tourist traps and global brands. Millenial travelers are eager to dive into local cultures but for now it’s such a treasure to find.

What is the solution?

Imagine, that traveler instead of going to make a trivial picture with a Pisa tower is going 10 km away from the beaten path to meet local community that produces own cheese, wine, teaches you to make pasta and sing local songs.
Columbery is a “community first product”. We start by launching a blog platform that allows travelers to share stories about local gems and thus win the prizes.
The Second stage: We transfer those stories into the real experiences by finding local activity providers.
Marketplace offers to pay for activities in internal cryptocoin CLMB to stop losing money on the middleman.

What else does CLMB token do?

1. The main purpose of CLMB is to be unified traveling currency
2. Also token holders have access to premium activities and discounts.

How it works?

Blockchain technology allows us to become a first “Fintech product for traveling market”. Instead of 40% commissions traveler pays 12-15%. 

The Market Size

Travel activities market in EU, Asia and America is about $172 billion. Sharing economy growth annually is about 8%. 370M Millennials will be traveling worldwide by 2020.

Road map

March 2016

Columbery Conception

May 2016

Columbery Team Unification

July 2016

First MVP testing phase with users

September 2016

Acceleration program and further model testing

First alpha testing phase and feedback collection cycle

May 2017

Start of content media platform development

October 2017

Preparations for token sale

November 2017

Token sale

June 2018


Launch of content platform and marketplace with select premium providers. 5 available countries.

September 2018

Broadening marketplace proposition

Broadening marketplace proposition by accepting small local providers

December 2018

Scale to 20 countries

December 2018


Igor Arkhypenko


Michael Guchakov


Anfisa Bogomolova


Sergii Nikolaiev


Casey Fenton


Shadi Al'lababidi Paterson


Valentyn Glubokyy


David Passiak