Neural network & blockchain-based technology that eliminates emotions and increases revenue for day traders. We have patent application!

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ICO details

12 Oct 2017
29 Nov 2017
70 000 000

About the project

Have you ever opened a new position right after a loss to make your money back, and then the market did not go in the direction you expected? Or, did you close too soon for fear that you would lose profits, even if your original strategy was to hold longer? Emotions can greatly overshadow judgment.

Athena lab s.r.o. has developed the xAthena platform - a patent-pending system that uses new methods combining personality type, emotion, and machine learning to increase profit for day traders.

xAthena tracks the emotional state of a person at the physiological level. Some people, for example, exhibit stress with an increased heart-rate, and others display it through specific hand movements. The platform is designed to collect various signals from traders such as pulse, temperature, facial movements, angle of sight, and retinal status which are then compared with their trading results. An advanced neural network identifies the stages in each individual where emotions interfere with trading decisions.

Once enough data about a trader has been recorded, the capability to significantly reduce their losses will be achieved. xAthena’s advanced neural network will help to guide the trader in real-time by notifying them of situations where decisions are being made based on emotion. This sensitive data is stored in an encrypted blockchain to ensure the accuracy of the data.

It will be necessary to collect data for more than three months at the current stage. However, behavioral patterns common to specific personality types have already begun to emerge. To complete the platform in 2018, extensive research will be carried out under the supervision of a team of psychologists to determine these distinct patterns. This will shorten the learning time for a new subject to three weeks. Furthermore, a magnetoencephalograph (MEG) – the world's most advanced tool for mapping the brain in real time – will be used to significantly accelerate data gathering.

A brokerage service will be established as a component to the xAthena platform to handle daily trading transactions. The EU-licensed xApollo brokerage will have clear market information that will eliminate the potential risk of using external brokers. The xApollo brokerage will primarily be for use with xAthena, but service will also be offered to the public.

Finally, Athena lab will continue to pursue new products and services built upon the xAthena platform. Future applications of xAthena will extend into the automotive and aviation industries for the development of new safety systems. Features including accident prevention alerts for drivers and pilots are in line for further patents. In addition, business management and military projects are planned.

Research and development will be funded by a crowdsale accepting Ethereum beginning on 12 October 2017. The full release of xAthena for traders is targeted for October 2018.

The essential question to end with is: Why should anyone buy Athena?

  • It is a research project that will change trading around the world.
  • Athena lab s.r.o. is likely to submit two more patents in the near future.
  • The modifiable blockchain will be suitable for corporate use (open-source of course)

Road map

February 2017

Concept of the xAthena system

The first idea has been born.

August 2017

Establishment of Athena lab s.r.o.

Establishment of Athena lab company.

September 2017

Patent application

The patent application entitled “Method of predicting a subject's failure, and device for performing this method and its use” was filed on September 27, 2017 with the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic (Europe) and received file number PV 2017-591.

October 2017

xAthena crowdsale

Start of ICO

November 2017

Start of development

November 2017

Listing on exchanges

January 2018

Start of development for alternative uses

Development of xAthena for the automotive, aviation, and corporate sectors.

July 2018

Beta version of xAthena

Estimated completion stage of the first beta product for traders. Beta will be closed to public.

October 2018

Final version of xAthena

Final version of xAthena available for public sale.

October 2018

Beta for alternative uses of xAthena

Q4 2018 - Completion of beta products for the automotive, aviation, and corporate sectors.

January 2019

English audit of the company

Q1 2019 - An audit of Athena lab s.r.o. by an international auditing company will be published in English on our website.

April 2019

Final alternative xAthena applications

Q2 2019 - Final releases of the xHermes, xMetis and xHephaistos systems.

September 2019

Broker xApollo

Our licensed broker to provide xAthena technology to traders.

September 2019


Michal Bezvoda

Team leader

Jan Smetana


Martin Taranza


Jiri Smetana


Pavel Smetana

Medical Doctor

Michal Blahout


Karel Hoffman

Trade Specialist

Nikol Prazakova

Public Relations

Michaela Bayerová

Public Relations

Václav Svoboda


Daniel Schneider


Jan Cepelka

ADVISOR: Neurolinguistics specialist

Simon Srp

ADVISOR: HR Specialist

Martina Spoustova

ADVISOR: Psychiatrist

Martin Lunak

ADVISOR: Sales Specialist

Lenka Říhová

ADVISOR: Marketing Specialist