Convergence Silica Nexus Project

A Cross-Reality Virtual Universe with a blockchain backbone securing the virtual goods economy

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ICO details

31 Dec 2017
31 Jan 2018

About the project

Convergence’s Silica neXus Project is a Cross-Reality Virtual Universe with a blockchain backbone securing its virtual goods economy. Convergence’s unique entry into the space, (known as Cross-Reality or XR) allows participants to interact from every type of device with each other. While the rest of the entertainment sector is creating content based on one device, Convergence is creating the technology and protocols for cross platform connections with interfaces specific to the type of device and hardware being used to connect to the Virtual Universe. This allows consumers with any type of device, such as a mobile phone, to connect with friends in any other type of device, such as an HTC VIVE or a $300,000 Flight Simulator in a theme park. Convergence is working with many 3rd party developers to create different types of content “planets” in the Silica neXus Virtual Universe (“SXVU”). Think of the SXVU like Convergence is creating a new digital resort and builds out the lobby plus the first few rooms (Planets) as examples so the 3rd party developers can create an endless supply of rooms (Planets) and attractions throughout the resort. Developers can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. Virtual Objects in SXVU are owned and traded by the community. Users claim ownership of virtual objects on a blockchain-based ledger of objects. Territory owners control what content is published to their sector(s) of the SXVU, which is identified by a multi-dimensional intergalactic map of the SXVU. Territory themes / genres / experiences can span the entire gamut controlled by the human imagination: from Fantasy to Science fiction, from pure entertainment to experiential education, from vacation to occupation. Convergence shares and is working to create the growing vision of an “Experience-Net”; where people live, work, learn, and play in a plethora of different multi-dimensional, like-minded communities. Objects are fungible, transferrable, scarce digital assets stored in an Ethereum smart contract containing both the transaction history and the developers’ creation credits of each object. Much like movie credits, who put in the efforts required to bring each object into being. Objects can be acquired in many different ways depending on the logic of the experience they belong with; from grinding away in quests, earned rewards for leveling up, to simply buying them from the online marketplace. The Silica neXus exists on the other side of the dimensional veil and can only been seen or interacted with via telepresence technology gifted us by aliens. One of the main fundamental building blocks of the alien technology is Nanotechnology. Nanobots, known as nanites or (“NANOs”), assemble onto the basic Resource Product Bots of the CORE Planets. Resource Bots are the main way users “mine” the basic resources in the CORE planets. This document lays out the philosophical underpinnings, technical foundations, and economic mechanisms of SNVU.

Road map

October 2017

White Paper and Presentation Release

Announce ICO and release White Paper and Presentation

October 2017

Private Pre-Sale Round

Pre-sale to select high Profile partners

November 2017

Blockchain Development

Create the Smart contracts for our NANOs and the basis for all Virtual Objects in our Universe.

January 2018

Token Sale

Sell our tokens to the public

February 2018

Token Distrbution

February 2018

Sign Lease on Nexus Station Location

Sign Lease on Nexus Station Location and begin construction

February 2018

On-Board 3rd Party Developers

Start on-boarding and training as many third party developers as possible. This is an ever increasing on going process.

September 2018

Open Nexus Station

Grand opening of Nexus Station

September 2018

Launch SARA

Release the BETA version of the Silica neXus Augmented Reality App. Our version of a Multi-player Pokemon Go with a purpose.

September 2018

Launch Out-of-Home Entertainment Interfaces

Launch several Out-Of-Home entertainment machines (Arcade, LBE and Theme Park Equipment) that works with players accounts on SARA.

September 2022

Launch CORE

Launch CORE that allows all interfaces to work harmoniously in the same 3D spaces in VR and AR.

September 2022


Andrew Prell


Paul Baker

SVP Project Director and Producer

David Bishop

EVP Operations

Emerson Galfo

EVP Finance