CannaSOS - PerksCoin ICO

The PRC token is set to run on decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security of all financial transactions in the cannabis industry. PRC is currently being used by thousands of people on as reward points.

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ICO details

15 Nov 2017
18 Jan 2018
$80 000 000 USD

About the project

The PerksCoin token, PRC in short, is a non-rent token available for use within the CannaSOS ecosystem. The PRC token is set to run on decentralized blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security of all financial transactions. Since 2016, CannaSOS has been experimenting with PerksCoin reward points. These points have monetary value only within the CannaSOS network, and can be converted into traditional currency (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP) via CannaSOS Wallet. The conversion rate of PRC reward points to traditional currency is calculated based on multiple parameters, such as the number of registered members, number of business pages, user activity on the site, etc. Furthermore, the PRC reward points can be used to pay for such CannaSOS services as advertising, business memberships, and sponsored articles. In addition, PRC points can be used to pay for goods and services with participating businesses within the CannaSOS network. The PRC points can be purchased from CannaSOS by users or earned for engagement on the site. The experiment with PRC reward points proved to be very successful. The PRC reward points will be converted into PRC token. To achieve the conversion, the existing CannaSOS Wallet will be connected to the cryptocurrency Wallet that runs on the decentralized blockchain technology. In addition, the PRC token can be implemented into a POS system, using NFC and QR code technology. Such integration will allow the use of PRC token at any merchant station within the CannaSOS ecosystem to purchase cannabis and cannabis related products. Individuals and businesses alike can use collected PRC tokens as follows: Exchange for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum; Exchange for traditional currencies such as USD, CAD, EUR, GBP; Exchange for advertising via CannaSOS’ advertising platform and partner network; Exchange for goods and services within CannaSOS ecosystem; Transfer PRC tokens between users and businesses, B2B, B2C, and C2C. For more information, read the whitepaper starting from page 12.

Road map

November 2017


Announce Token Presale. Registration of participants for PRC Presale. A bonus discount of 40%-30% for all Presale whitelist participants. 25-10% discount for all public presale participants.

December 2017

Start token Crowdsale

Start token Crowdsale

January 2018

Digital Assets Exchange

Token listing on recognized coin/token exchanges

February 2018

Blockchain for PRC

Start development of blockchain technology for PRC token

February 2018

CannaSOS Wallet + Crypto Wallet

Unite CannaSOS Wallet with cryptocurrency Wallet

March 2018

Partnership Platform

Start development of Partnership Platform for publishers and advertisers

April 2018


Start development of E-Store that will use PRC token based on blockchain technology

June 2018


Start development of API for contribution and bonus system including mobile adaptation

June 2018

Bonus Reward System for Retailers

Start development of bonus reward system for retailers

June 2018

Community Votes!

Engaging CannaSOS users via voting system to determine which features are needed to be developed and implemented for best user experience

June 2017


Oleg Cheine

Founder, CEO

Luba Kay

Founder, CFO, Researcher and Advisor

Vas Shestakov

Co-founder, Director of Development Department

Vit Ivanov

Co-founder, Senior Developer

Sergey Shnerson

Co-founder, Network Administrator

Anton Yakovlev

Co-founder, Front-End Developer

Anton Danilov

Co-founder, Full-Stack Developer

Daniel Cheine

Co-founder, Account Manager

Steve Prosniewski

West Coast Territory Sales Manager

Bennett Cook

East Coast Territory Sales Manager