Native Video Box

Native Video Box is an independent native video platform which shares 80% of revenue from ad views with videŠ¾ bloggers and webmasters: with those who actually create video content and those who bring it to the audience.

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ICO details

15 Nov 2017
01 Feb 2018
$3 000 000 USD

About the project

Native Video Box (NVB) is an independent native video platform that distributes video content on partner sites.

NVB widget is placed on the website page: a block of recommended videos similar to teaser blocks by such systems as Taboola or Outbrain. Video is selected by using machine learning algorithms individually for each page. Platform earns through Programmatic selling of video ads.

The platform distributes only licensed video content under the agreement with the rights holders: video bloggers and other video content creators. Native Video Box helps them to reach larger audience and to earn some extra money through video advertising and product placement.

Advertising on NVB network sites provides a high level of engagement (only conscious views and clicks), reasonable prices, wide coverage outside of the video hosting audience, premium quality of advertising contact and 100% brand safety to the advertisers.

The project was launched in Russia in early 2016 as a native video platform for high quality content sites. The NVB team decided to change the rules in the video advertising market by creating a fairer system of revenue distribution in order to increase the share for those who actually create video content and those who bring it to the audience. According to revenue share model NVB pays up to 80% of the revenue from ad views to video bloggers and site owners (including bonuses for possession of NVB tokens).

Tokens and blockchain made it possible to implement Native Video Box ecosystem that resembles YouTube like cryptocurrencies resemble traditional banks. Programmatic advertising gives a margin which is distributed completely among other tokens owners with 100% of available funds aiming at increasing tokens value.

NVB tokens possession allows pro rata bonuses in distribution of advertising revenue, so P2P platform of token rental out, implemented on the basis of smart contracts, is a part of the service.

Creators and distributors of content that own tokens receive 20% of revenue as bonuses from each ad view. Whereby site owners receive additionally 50% to their reward: the base share of 40% of revenue (an average of 6.5$ per 1000 ad views) when the bonus is used increases to 60% (9.75$). The content creator receives a 100% bonus: his share increases from 20% (an average of 3.25$ per 1000 ad views) to 40% (6.5$). Other token owners can rent them out to creators and distributors of content that do not own tokens yet and receive an agreed upon percentage of the bonus in the form of rental fee.

Road map

January 2016

Start of the project

MVP development

June 2016

Official release of the first version

The first official version and the start of the traction

December 2016

Market and industry tests

Testing the local video ads market (agencies and programmatis selling)

June 2017

Decision to have an ICO

Team decides to go global and make a crowdsale

September 2017

Prepare to crowdsale

Global market research and last preparations to crowdsale

November 2017

preICO launch

Early-stage crowdsale

December 2017

ICO launch

Main milestone of crowdsale

May 2018

Cryptocurrency stock exchange listing

Listing on top of the cryptocurrency stock exchanges

December 2018

Turnover is over $60M

Annual company turnover reaches $60M+

December 2018


Alexander Shishow

CEO & founder

Andrew Smirnov


Andrew Tswetkov

Front end developer

Anton Noginov

Blockchain architect

Mika Mayer

Creative director

Ksenia Snezhnaya

Art director

Kate Alyanskaya

PR & Community manager

Ksena Hisamudinova

Head of Marketing