ARena Space

ARena Space offers crypto-community a new model of participating in a project that has a real physical presence (virtual amusement parks) and increasing number of customers due to chain growth by franchising model.

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ICO details

23 Oct 2017
01 Dec 2017
$3 550 000 USD

About the project

ARena Space is a chain of location-based virtual entertainment parks for the whole family all over the world (from 500 up to 1000 m²).

Key parameters of the park:

● level of client immersion into the storyline;
● use of latest technology;
● wide product offer;
● a variety of content (more than 25 attractions and hundreds pieces of content);
● regularly updated scenarios;
● high quality of service;
● unique software for park management - ARena Park Manager; 
● payment ecosystem for partners/customers through the mechanism of “local currency” - ARenaCoin.

The parks chain includes different formats of locations (from 25 to 1000 m2), which are both governed under the management of the company, and functioning on the franchising model.

Within ICO, the company plans to open 5-15 large parks all around the world: Beijing, Las Vegas, Moscow, Barcelona and Dubai. In the future, the chain will grow in accordance with the franchise model in key regions - North America, Asia (China), Europe and the middle East.

ARena Space offers a crypto community a new model of participating in a project that has a real physical presence (locations).

Road map

May 2015

Start of ARena Full Immersion VR project

May 2016

DevGAMM 2016 exhibition

Platform demonstration of the complete VR immersion was successful. More than 500 sessions were held. The platform has a capability of running 4 VR sessions simultaneously in an area of 100 sq m.

August 2016

Preparation for the theme park project

Start of big VR park project (from 500 to 2000 sqm). Concept development, unique products, business model, design, preparation for global scaling, 10 partnerships with Samsung, HTC, Vicon, Homido and others are established.

September 2016

First ARena Space location opening

First ARena Space virtual entertainment mini-park was opened in the pavilion № 2 of VDNKh in Moscow

December 2016

ARena Space opens in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Sochi

Several locations from 28 to 90 sq m were opened with up to 8 attractions per location. Units are locatedion in the shopping centres, Entertainment Parks and an Open-air Pavilion.

October 2017

First 500 sqm VR Park in Moscow

First big VR park building (500 sqm) in Moscow. Preparation for VR parks building in key locations. Local managing companies are established. Team and local partnerships. Production of equipment and content.

October 2017


Pre-ICO. Marketing and preparation for ICO. Launch of the first phase of 1st location building in Moscow. Optimal goal is $600K

November 2017


ICO. Establishing HQ in Estonia. Raising investments for the first 5 ARena Space VR parks creation at the world core locations (Las Vegas, Barcelona, Dubai, Beijing, Moscow). Signing partnerships with local partners for operations and marketing. Optimal goal is $8.1M

January 2018

5 VR parks are launched. Scaling

4 more parks are opened inLas Vegas, Beijing, Barcelona, Dubai. Franchisees are developed in other regions in 80-300 sqm format. Potential revenue of the company is $7M. First 300K clients worldwide. First VR cyber tournament is held in our locations

December 2018


Vasily Ryzhonkov

Founder, CEO

Rafail Galiev

Product Director

Alexei Pechkin

Technical Director, Inventor

Zelenkina Margarita

Director of Development

Timofey Sukharev

Chief Operating Officer

Ahmedulina Albina

Commercial Director