The cryptocurrency for b2b and b2c market which unlocking legal cryptocurrency reckoning for 500M company around the world.

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ICO details

28 Nov 2017
22 Dec 2017
$42 500 000 USD

About the project

BEEQB – a global business solution that allows each company around the world to accept crypto currency as payment for their goods and services.

Japan, Bahrain, Estonia, the United States, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, anyway allow you to pay in the crypto currency. According to Bloomberg, 100,000 companies around the world accept crypto-currency payments. In another 15,000 companies you can pay the crypt without any restrictions.
In this case you can use crypto currency same as use cash. However, if you compare the buying process with cash and crypto currency, you can find some, none solved problems.

The process of buying by cash looks like this:
1. You: come to the cashier;
2. Seller: $35, please;
3. You: get a wallet out of your pocket and pay the bill.
4. At the same time, if you only have a $ 50 bills, you will get a change at the checkout;
5. The transaction is completed
At the same time, the company loses from encashment, crediting funds to the account, hidden and public bank payments, which ultimately becomes a reason of price increasing of the goods.

With the crypto currency everything is different. Today, there is no store where prices are quoted in Bitcoin. Therefore, the buying process looks like this:
1. You: come to the cashier;
2. Seller: Calculates the amount of the goods, and recounts to Bitcoin (at the company's internal rate);
3. Seller: 0.33BTC, please;
4. You: Get the smartphone, scan the QR code, transfer the specified amount;
5. You: Wait until the funds come to the account, and this can take more then 12 hours, and only after that you can pick up the purchases;
6. The transaction is completed
Also, such a transaction is not legal and the company will have to pay a substantial fine and in most countries of the world.

Seller can make a mistake in the rate calculations, transaction can be failed, your phone can lose connection or you can be out of internet.

Progress does not stand on one place and the next milestone in the introduction of crypto currency into the mass market should be the developed infrastructure for accepting payments in the retail and corporate markets.
The start of the next milestone, by our opinion, should be the emergence of business systems for transactions with native support for crypto-currencies. BeeQB is a such a system. It should include a mechanism for receiving funds and a mechanism for confirming the payment of the transaction.

In fact, BeeQB is a new ecosystem where entrepreneurs can absolutely legally get payment in the crypto currency, and buyers can safely, accurately and without overpay use the crypto currency for calculations. Thus, in fact, a new economic cluster is created, connecting real business and the world of crypto-currencies.

How does BeeQB work?
Crypto currency is a tool of peer-to-peer calculations and this fact is the main brake on the globalization of crypto-currency calculations.

In the BeeQB we changed the principle of transactions calculations. When the seller asks necessity amount from buyer. That is, in order to seller receive "0.33BTC", the seller should set a stable payment terminal. Like it works in Visa. In order to do this, we need to develop a new currency with a new consensus and a new paradigm of application. A currency that would combine all the best from cash and electronic money and would be deprived of their weaknesses. That’s why we’re creating BEE.

It looks like this:
1. You: make me burger – $5, I wil pay in BEE.
2. Seller: Selects payment in BEE, (The system automatically recalculates the BEE rate based on the rate on the selected stock exchange, bills at the time of the transaction, for example "3.15 BEE”);
4. You: Bring the phone to the payment terminal. The terminal scans the QR-code on the phone, verifies it. The payment instantly goes to the seller's account minus 0.1%. That is, the company instantly receives not only a confirmation of payment, but also the payment.
5. The transaction is completed.

Road map

June 2014

The birth of the idea of BEEQB

October 2015

MVP development

May 2017

First beta version of product

June 2017

BEEQB tested by 140 companies

August 2017

BEEQB works in the network of fitness clubs Motiv

September 2017

BEEQB works in the Pack4baG

September 2017

Tokens and smart contract creations, launching of

October 2017

BEEQB tests in the fitness clubs "WorldClass"

November 2017

TokenSale launching

January 2018

Placement of the BEEQB (BEE) token on exchanges

February 2018

Launching a stable version of the product and testing paymen

March 2018

Launch of a mobile application for business and a blockchain

March 2018

Launch of the agency network for sales and integration of BE

April 2018

The appearance of the BEEQB integration module in the market

June 2018

Launching of beeqb multithread blockchain

July 2018

The network contains more than 15,000 companies

September 2018

Development of own payment terminal for retail stores with t

October 2018

Creating an automated trading system for retail and small wh

November 2018

Creating an application for cash registers and vending machi

June 2019

The network of more than 10,000,000 customers

June 2020

In the network of more than 100,000,000 customers

September 2020

The integration of BEEQB and the BEEQB API

into 2,000,000 outlets worldwide, including 10% of AAA retailers. BEE uses 300 million users. The total turnover of trade operations in BEE is more than $ 100 billion

September 2020


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Aleksander Yankovskiy


Dmitry Kazak


Dmitriy Sablin

Community manager

Katya Barrow

Communication manager

Josh Clow


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Stefen Gold


Dasha Sadko


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