Sola is a next-generation decentralized social platform that incentivizes and benefits all involved parties - users, third-party developers and the core team. The name is an acronym for “social layer”.

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15 Nov 2017
15 Dec 2017

About the project

At the end of 2014 we launched Plague (Plag) - a decentralized social and information network where information spread among users as per epidemic propagation model.

Sola app is an evolution of this service and has inherited its data, audience, interface and logics, which are expanded and upgraded with the Sola platform resources.

Sola is the next generation decentralized social platform that incentivizes and benefits all involved parties - users, third party developers and the core team. The name is an acronym for “social layer”.

Sola is an open ecosystem, which means that most of its source code will be open sourced and available for audit, improvement and usage by anyone.  

Most of real economy is directly connected to the attention economy. It is not enough to create information, produce a good or a service -- you need to attract user’s attention. The current model of attention distribution totally ignores attention producer/owner (aka user), excluding them from the economy, and it will inevitably change in the nearest future.

Sola economics is built on the attention ethical use principle. Attention is new currency.

SOL Token

To power Sola economics we issue SOL tokens based on the ERC20 standard. Platform long-term viability depends of the viability of its economy, and it is essential to be able to control it and influence its value with our own growing economics, development and overall progress. Bitcoin and Ethereum are huge economics in themselves and by using these technologies we will become completely dependent on their state and fluctuations.

SOL is a pure utility token and the only currency used for transactions on the Sola platform:

  • possession of a token has no benefits other than monetary;

  • Sola ecosystem exclusively uses SOL for transactions;

  • revenue in other currencies is converted into SOL through crypto exchanges;

  • Users’ and developers’ earnings and rewards are provided in SOL;

  • third-party services built on the Sola platform should use SOL.

You can obtain SOL tokens the following ways:

  • Earn tokens creating quality content in Sola app endorsed by other users;  

  • Earn tokens as a node owner, providing for the service distribution

  • Earn tokens taking part in the Bounty Development Program, improving Sola platform and Sola app.

  • Procure or trade for different currency on the crypto exchange,

Sola economic system is a hybrid of an internal crypto-economy powered by own tokens and external revenue streams from different monetisation methods powered by a variety of currencies.

Our idea is simple: in a current state of the crypto market it is still possible to make money out of thin air for a while using speculative approach to ensure token value, but it cannot serve as a long-term sustainable business model, and the bubble will pop someday. In order to cover our expenses and fulfill our obligations to customers, partners and employees we have to earn money. In contrast to the critics of centralized social networks, we do not think advertising business model is "broken." It is unequal to the user and it can be significantly improved with the implementation of a crypto economy, but it is definitely not broken.




We do not try to find a substitution for the advertising model, we converge it with a fair treatment of users.  

The Sola app

The Sola app is the central hub of the Sola ecosystem – a gateway for users and a way to attract a large audience to the platform. It's the Sola ecosystem's first app, built by the core team on the Sola platform.

The Sola app is multiplatform, but it really shines on mobile because of its simple, gesture-based interface.

Public launch IOS and Android are going next week.  

Sola operates with a stack of beautiful full-screen cards. Once you open the app, you start to get cards one by one.
You can skip or endorse each card. Your choice affects how the card is spread. Endorsed cards are shown to more users.

Cards are assigned by an AI spread algorithm, but only users affect the rate of spread for every card.

Additionally, users can fine-tune the spread algorithm according to their personal preferences.

Road map

December 2013

Idea takes shape

November 2014

iOS and Android app lauched under Plague name

January 2015

Reached 150K users

March 2015

Forced to change name to Plag

October 2015

Hit 100k active cards per a day

March 2016

Full-featured web client

March 2017

Transformation from Plag to Sola begins

August 2017

Sola internal alpha release

September 2017

Sola public beta

October 2017

Presale +Sola app release

November 2017

Public token sale

January 2018

Jan 2018 Token distribution

March 2018

Public API

June 2018

Decentralized operations on a blockhain

September 2018

Direct advertising self-service platform +AI spread algorit

December 2018

Decentralized media storage

December 2019

Connectors platform for “pay per engagement” model +Complet

December 2019


Ilya Zudin

CEO, Founder

Pavel Panov

CTO, Co-Founder

Maxim Belov