Roadly (by RoadAR, Inc.)

Roadly is a decentralized crowdsourcing ecosystem for gathering road data from millions of users and automatic creating of HD-Maps for self-driving cars. Drivers of regular cars gets tokens for driving and we sell access to gathered data for tokens.

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ICO details

01 Dec 2017
31 Jan 2018
$50 000 000 USD

About the project

Self-Driving cars market problem

Last years many companies claim that they going to present their autonomous cars to the market. Some of them even present working prototypes. And few one claim that their cars already can drive by themselves. But actually only on highways and only in certain areas.

Huge problem for all of these companies is a mapping. Self-Driving cars need high-precision HD-Maps to operate effectively. And these maps must be as fresh as possible to offer safest experience for their buyers.

No company for now offers complete solution for this problem. Some trying to build systems based on LIDARs and equip special cars with them. But this approach need a lot of dedicated expensive cars to make maps.

Some manufacturers hope that their cars will collect maps for themselves with their own sensors. But this is a chicken-egg problem. Who will by Self-Driving car which can’t operate normally from the beginning?


We offer decentralized approach for building such maps. We have RoadAR mobile app (will be rebranded to Roadly) which already recognizes road signs with Neural Networks and have more than 500 000 of installs. Our road signs database contains more than 3.5 M of road signs and they all automatically checking on availability by gathering data from new drives. All the recognition is made in real time, right on the mobile device.

Our plan is to add tokens to this system and let users earn RDL tokens while regular driving with their smartphone or our dedicated device.

How this will work?

  • Our app already very useful for drivers. It offers not only recognition, but also dashcam feature and ADAS warnings;
  • We will add more data gathering features to the app;
  • We will add Augmented Reality navigation;
  • We will let users to mine RDL tokens while driving;
  • We will sell an access to our HDMaps and other data with 50% discount if payed with RDL tokens;
  • An access to the data will be organized via our marketplace on timely manner;
  • Day by day our maps will cover more cities, so the value under each RDL token will grow;
  • Data byers will have to buy RDL tokens from the market in order to get discount;
  • We also going to provide inapp geo-targeted advertising for tokens, so this will push small businesses to use their fleet to gather data for us and earn token for free advertising on our users;

Why tokens and blockchain?

We want to reward our users for gathering data for us. This data is very meaningful and it is great opportunity to motivate them and to make our system really worldwide and decentralized.

Blockchain gives us opportunity to save Merkle tree of hashes from data and be sure that data from users is unchanged. This is very important part of mapping – the responsibility for data quality.

Road map

December 2017


December 2017

Presale start

Presale for serious investors and funds with good discount from volume.

January 2018


ICO for the public

February 2018

Tokens issuance

RDL tokens distribution

May 2018

Adding blockchain to the app

Drivers can earn tokens!

October 2018

Augmented reality navigation

Very useful feature for drivers

January 2019

Roadly Drive

Launch of dedicated smart dashcam device for gathering road data

March 2019

Firs HD-Maps on our Marketplace

Huge discounts for RDL token owners (first automakers will buy tokens from markets to get discounts)

July 2019

Adding more layers from other data providers

More data - more demands for RDL tokens

November 2019

First ride of Self-Driving car using our HD-Maps

And maybe driven by AI trained on Roadly data =)

December 2019


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Hardware Advisor

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