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Blockchain created networks with immutable ledgers. Smart Contracts made these networks immutably intelligent and executable. The Internet Foundation's mPods put immutable, executable intelligence into the data that flows over these smart networks.

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18 Jan 2018
28 Feb 2018

About the project

If data is the oil of the twenty first century then TheInternet.Foundation (The IF) is creating a ‘Clean Data’ ecosystem analogous to Clean Energy.

The IF’s token Krypto Koin, enables people to earn money for making their data available to service providers via ‘mPods.’ Providers use this data to tailor services to address people’s needs.

mPods are intelligent minimized units of information used to share data and complete tasks. mPods enable any data or digital asset combination to be compiled and shared securely. Access is restricted to authorized entities based on content and context. As crypto tokens store value, mPods store information. Each has standard metadata enabling appropriate security and access rules to be applied de facto by type. All mPods are encoded with the IF’s MetaMart marketplace rules. They are the foundational building blocks of the 'clean data' ecosystem.

Krypto Koins are the means through which value is exchanged when mPods are shared between individuals and brands. Branded Koins are Krypto Koins with additional brand enabled privileges. Branded Koin loyalty schemes align enterprise blockchains with the consumer cryptocurrency movement.

Road map

January 2018

ICO Pre Sale

February 2018

ICO Public Sale

March 2018


Dele Atanda

Founder/ CEO

Derek Wyatt

Chairman of Advisory Board

Phil Nobel


Hugo Drayton


Peter Bidewell